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<span>Taylor-Made Machines</span> for the sheet working

Taylor-Made Machines for the sheet working

Lag-Rainer S.r.l. is taking over and continuing the Rainer S.r.l. activity and business. Rainer S.r.l. has become a leading manufacturer for punching machines, laser cutting centres and automation systems.

Lag-Rainer plan provides for the relaunching of the design activity, innovation and development of new machines and the reorganization of the whole production process in order to improve the reliability and the competitiveness of the trademark.

Technological development and innovation are the real drive of Lag-Rainer out continuous and aimed product's improvement.

We are the only ones to be able to carry out authorized technical interventions on all machine's components, as we are the owners of all patents and know-how of all punch press centres commercialized with Rainer trademark.

Lag-Rainer products are wholly made in Italy, from the design to the carrying out. Materials' and manufacturings' quality as well as the ability to meet the customers' specific requirements are our main characteristics.
Thanks to an important domestic reorganization we are able to compete also on costs and delivery time.